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Not dead... yet

going to my aunt's funeral in a few days, I'm carrying the coffin down the asile.

I've also heard alot of talk about robot unicorns. THIS IS A FUCKING ROBOT UNICORN

I've done it

I've commissioned a fursuit from Pickle

pics to come

RIP Bo Fittock 1935-2010

In the early hours yesterday, my dear aunt passed away, may she rest in peace...

Furry survey 2010


uStream time again!

Playing LSD Dream Emulator again in 10 mins! http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-ramen-bowl


Streaming in 5 mins, watch me play one of the craziest games for the PS1 http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-ramen-bowl
Merry Christmas everyone!

I got...
-iPod Touch
-Frostmourne set
-Digital camera (time to go spotting! =D)
-Kindom hearts 385/2 days
-Russel Howard DVD
-£230 (time to buy a fursuit i think!)




It's snowing in my village, what a way to end my first term at college!